Welcome to the Vela Ranch in South Texas

The Vela Ranch encompasses nearly 1000 acres. Situated in Duval County's brush country, the Vela Ranch is one of the premier whitetail deer hunting ranches in South Texas. Our ranch is also home to a whitetail deer breeding program of the highest caliber.

Our hunting operation is conducted over privately owned and operated land. The terrain is diverse, but mostly South Texas brush. The San Diego Creek traverses the property, providing fertile soil for a variety of forbs and shrubs with high nutritional value. Six waterholes provide an excellent water source for the wildlife.

Limited trophy and management hunts are available this year. In addition, a limited number of one, two, and three year old bucks, does, fawns, and mature open and bred does are available for sale.

Please explore what we have to offer. Contact the Vela Ranch for purchasing bred whitetail deer, arranging guided hunts, or to receive additional information.